Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Shabby Prairie Dresser before and after Miss Mustardseeds Dried Lavender Milkpaint

As everyone knows I am very inspired by Rachel Ashwell and her Prairie.  I did get to visit there before and fell in love with the smokier/rustic side of her design.  I am going to decorate my Prairie/Farmhouse we are building in a style very influenced by what I saw and continue to see in her Praire, books, Blog etc. Just love the style!

My husband brought home a vintage dresser quite some time ago and has been in storage I was not sure what to do with it as it had a horrible "faux wood" paint on it...

I put stripper on it and realized they put the faux wood on it becuase in circa 1920 the original finish was a faux of a light oak many many hours of stripping scraping and sanding brought me down to wood went through the faux paint then a hard surface that was a faux then there was a white primer under it all on top of the wood, layers....

First I painted her homestead house dusty rose.......which looked so peach orange in the bag I should have stopped right there but no  I paid good money for that bag so I was going to see if it dried to a darker dusty rose as the color swatch showed....

Nope dried it was totally in the orange peach family, no rose dusty anything about it...threw the bag away ran and got out my Miss Mustardseed Milkpaint Dried lavender and saved the day

I put a dark walnut on top simply cause that is what I had leftover in the cupboard from an old project, trying to clean out all the old stuff and get ready for house to sell and move.....

I also want to share I am trying to bide my time on house build etc.....and my impatience to getting it started by finishing off projects that I will use in my "Prairie Farmhouse"  pics of plans are on my

I started a cross and crowns quilt and also got lucky that a fellow shabby chic lover was willing to let go of one of the discontinued August Chair Covers.....I need a few for the counter stools I will have in the prairie farmhouse so am still looking for the anastasia one...please let me know if you have one and are willing to sell!

Here is the new August chair cover and my first quilt block with the anastasia fabric and grey linen beginning of cross and crowns quilt!

Just a pic of my mantle I did last week am loving the Sherwin Williams "Simply Blue"  mix it in a clark kennsington non glare matte for 26 a gallon and you have awesome coverage with primer in the paint no prep easy to sand and washable paint, very affordable!

Calico Prairie rose chair cover goes great with 911 remembrance pillow

So if wanting to part with an anastasia august chair slip cover I can either trade a somerset one or buy it from  you.....oh please!

Have a great week and thanks for reading my venture!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Prairie Style Mantle

My husband brought home a mantle several months ago and I have kept it dark wood as I was not sure what I wanted to do with it

but this morning I went to get the oil changed in my car and in the waiting area I pick Up the Southern Living magazine and see a front door painted in Sherwin Williams something blue very close to the color I love on Rachel Ashwells Liliput lodge at the prairie,  car gets finished I proceed to the paint store pick me up a can of that paint go home get out the sander and there you have it that is how I am inspired

it took less than three hours to complete this project

Completed Mantle

Before, I started by sanding the flat part of mantle to leave some natural wood

I used one coat of Something blue and one coat of my go to white sanded white while it was still damp, sanded all the rest, put natural stain on cherry wood

And here is the After

I put my farmhouse dresser in the part that opens of the mantle, I don't like displaying mantles with nothing in the middle so came up with this idea for the guest room in the four gables farmhouse we are building wanted to do this project to help pass time while waiting.....

If your curious why the frame does not have a picture in it.....we are going to have a jersey cow once settled so abby can raise a calf every year and show.....I am holding this frame open for a picture of the cow!!

and Now
 I need to share a pic
My Daughter Cassie Brabec took of my daughter and granddaughter  Abby and Ella baking a cake!

Hope you like my little project!

  Thanks for reading I am sharing this mantle project with Miss Mustardseeds Furniture Feature Friday

Have a Great Week Ya'll!!